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Undergraduate Research Apprentice -

History of Art Department

History of Art

Undergraduate Association @ UC Berkeley


Participant of The Mellon Academy at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Cary Fagan > H.ART

Helen Pinto leads talk and Q&A with multidisciplinary artist Cary Fagan (9/17/2020)

The Pan American Unity Mural

Presentation I would use to give virtual tour of the Pan American Unity mural by Diego Rivera.

timeless podcast

guest - Helen Pinto

Lines drawn, lives marked

by Helen Pinto

The Paper Pushers

by Helen Pinto, Laura Q. and Gabriela P.

The Coit Tower Murals as a Deweyan Experience

by Helen Pinto

Manuel Alvarez Bravo

by Helen Pinto

The Chronicles of San Francisco by JR
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