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I'm co-curating Shaping the Figural Gaze, an online exhibit organized in response to the exhaustive male gaze that positions that white cis-gendered male in power.

Online exhibit will be available for viewing starting on May 1, 2021

Honors Thesis





Sculpture rendering of Lava Thomas’s Maya Angelou proposal, called “Portrait of a Phenomenal Women” (image courtesy Eren Hebert)

I am currently working on my honors thesis in American Studies. This paper will examine the history of federally supported arts in the United States and will evaluate arts policy for missed opportunities in leveraging art to advance society. This study is important because many might think that art and arts policy is a peripheral subject not worthy of major discourse or consideration, but this must not be the reality. There are famous cases of controversial public-funded works of art and although the public found itself in an uproar - this is not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, we can use these occasions to improve arts policy. In recent years we have seen an uproar over federally funded works of art in the United States leading to the destruction or removal of these monuments from public spaces. I will place special focus on art commissioned to be displayed in public spaces because to me, it seems like the best way to promote democratic landscapes that can represent the diversity of the American experience.

Works Cited as of March 2021

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